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In today’s connected world, cell phones have become one of the most useful pieces of technology. In fact, they’ve become so important in recent years that just about everyone needs to have access to one.

That being said, there are certain dangers that come along with using a cell phone on a daily basis. And one of the most common dangers are phone scammers. These individuals attempt to trick you out of your hard-earned money using spoofed spam calls. Typically, they’ll pretend to be from the IRS or another government agency, demanding payment for some made-up offense. Unfortunately, these types of calls always come from an unknown number. So, you won’t be able to tell right away if the call you’re getting is an important one or just another scammer.

Here are the steps that you may follow to find out who called me information:

1. First, check to see if the caller’s number is listed in a free online reverse phone numbers directory or not. To find a free reverse phone number website to find out find out who called me information, just type “free reverse phone numbers” in any search engine.

2. From the search result, open the website that looks authentic. You can check for user reviews related to the reverse look up service provided by this website before proceeding further.

3. When the reverse phone lookup website you choose opens, enter the phone number for which you need to look up information and then click the search button.

4. If you’re lucky, you may get results quickly and your search will be done. A land line number is easier to track down. And, you can easily get related information, including the name and the registered address of the owner.

Did a telemarketer just call me?

Telemarketing has been around for quite a long time. Since a large number of these calls are spontaneous, people become troubled when receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers.

To think “whose number is this” when an unknown number is calling is understandable as no one wants to have to deal with a telemarketer.

A telemarketer ’s practices can sometimes be unreasonable, harassing, and impolite. For example, telemarketers were known to call late during the evening or at an odd hour toward the beginning of the day, refuse to identify themselves, make rehashed calls even after they were asked not to call back again, and engage in funny practices.

Due to the volume of complaints against the telemarketing business, the legislature reacted with expanded insurance for purchasers and controls for telemarketers.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, in 1991, expressed that telemarketers needed to submit to the accompanying guidelines:

  • Do not call anyone before 8 am or after 9 pm.
  • Have an internal Do Not Call list
  • Reveal your identity when calling.
  • Make use of real voices and not artificial voices or prerecorded messages
  • Ensure no unsolicited ads are sent by fax

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If you have received such a call or text, or if you have returned the call or text and you now realise it is a scam, you can report it on our website.

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Community Feedback

  • 325-240-0469
    Im not going to pay for this. My niece did this and i am not going to be heald responsible for any bills from your organization. Thank you.
  • 814-933-8921
    Phishing call pretending to be a government agency requesting personal identifying information (PII)
  • 786-507-5383
    I am constantly receiving calls from this number with no answer or message left and no matter what I do this number continues to call
  • 516-647-4138
    I received a call from this number. I am receiving calls to my cell with telephone numbers beginning with 516-647
  • 513-302-9498
    This is a Google Voice or similar alternate voicemail phone number (burner) for the actual cell phone number of 765-343-9027 belonging to Blake Champlin who resides in Harrison, Ohio 45030.
  • 817-495-2871
    Got a call from this number. Distorted background noise when I answered, no human spoke. Sounded like the Cylons were invading or something.
  • 704-254-1323
    I received a text message. The person used my first name, but claimed not to have my number due to getting a new phone. I never answered the text and never received another one.
  • 614-256-0477
    I received a random text message from this # asking me what my boyfriend or husbands name was... prob a scam
  • 510-695-6981
    This number now belongs to my husband Willie J bell birthday is 12/28/1983 can I retrieve his text mesaages or emails?
  • 423-483-6685
    This person is a spammer. They call or txt u saying they can help then when u call them back 2 confirm they say they didn't call or txt u or say any of that
  • 469-856-8854
    Is a spam number my daughter's identity taken. All her information .11/30/18. This are scammers
  • 956-356-5612
    This Info Tracer search was very misleading . . . buyer was informed that a report was available to purchase and yet no information was provided. Unsatisfied customer.
  • 224-653-0671
    This telephone number is NOT associated with Peter Scott. It is suppose to be linked with SpeedyCashInc., a loan scammer.
  • 786-409-0254
    I am being harassed by this company for the 2nd day in a row. I've asked them @ time to remove my # from their calling list, my ph # is on the Do Not Call Registry, and they continue to call. It is several individuals from this group, & their ph #s include: (786) 409-0114, 409-0115, 409-0144, 409-0149, 409-0154.
  • 580-470-9808
    It didn't give me no info that I don't already no when is he being released from prison atoka ok
  • 201-654-6364
    I am not happy because I should have found out the name of the owner of the phone number :(201) 654-6364 I don't want to pay for zero results and will put an opposition of the payment. I feel this is dishonest.
  • 702-787-6678
    Before I purchased this report, you said you had the name of the person with this phone number. Turns out you don’t! Infotracer sucks!
  • 530-521-7190
    I received a message from this number today. I looked up the person you told me it is. This person died February 2013. Your information was of no help. I will be cancelling my subscription immediately.
  • 877-641-2127
    I received a call from this # yesterday morning (11/27/18) @8:09am, Lasted 34 seconds. Caller stated that my social security # had been stolen and that they had identified suspicious activity. Today I received a 2nd call from them (11/28/18) 2:22pm They said that my social security card had id me and that a lawsuit has been filed against me at the federal courthouse. I called them back and they answered Social Security Administration.
  • 937-901-9147
    Continuously get incoming calls from this number, finally picked up. A woman named "Ann" read from a script, told me she was informed that myself or a loved one was struggling with addictions. When I told her I did not want information sent to me, she quickly hung up on me. I called back to inquire more about her call and she again hung up on me and then quit answering the calls.
  • 937-231-8409
    this person is a sex offender, he was charged with soliciting and loitering by montgomery county court
  • 702-680-1821
    They left a message stating that it was in regards to two (2) pending matters. There was no way to call back.
  • 503-304-8751
    you guys are totally fucking wrong on names living at address and phone numbers,,now return my fucking money and don't charge me anymore
  • 210-364-5185
    Received two calls from this number today today saying they were with the government Social Security office in San Antonio Texas and they were calling to discuss criminal activity that have been reported on my Social Security number . They urged a call back before they proceeded with action. When I called back they asked for my name and social security number. I hung up and blocked the number.
  • 727-742-1204
    Met through POF, says his name is Michael Miller. He asked me to donate to a little girl that is sick with cancer, had a paypal account set up and everything. Asked for additional money to be donated in exchange for Best Buy gift cards.... then disappeared a week later. Never met him, never got the gift cards.
  • 860-418-7792
    Text was from a teenager around 18. Currently at college he said. He had the wrong number, that is all.
  • 727-265-3546
    Service advisor at Ferman Ford. I had just left my vehicle for service so it is a legitimate caller.
  • 781-330-6173
    I got a call from someone claiming to be the army, who had information about my time at college. It came from this number. I actually met with people from the army who came to my college, and they said they would never call like this. So, clearly this is kinda sketchy, no?
  • 863-204-3704
  • 773-922-8196
    Es importante saber el propietario de este numero ya que se pasa acosando sexualmente a mi hija de 11 años
  • 509-200-2598
    Not worth the search... When I entered the # I was looking for it said there was information on this number. NOT True!
  • 817-793-7048
    Received call from this number today 30 minutes ago when I called back got message not taking incoming calls
  • 541-285-0583
    I received no information regarding this number -- no name, no address. Please cancel my membership.
  • 206-785-9401
    Guy says he is from Youtube and processes winnings also has an email address of [email protected]
  • 207-227-5311
    Text message left "I got what you ordered" (never ordered anything from this anon person and don't recognize the phone number).
  • 510-340-5990
    This report came back with "Not on File" in every field. Why am I paying for a report that has no information of any kind?
  • 305-992-5107
    Child predator...pretends to be a 16 year old girl on RPG, alienates a child gamer from her family with promises of love and a "better" life
  • 478-305-1941
    Why pay for something if its not gonna ever give you a name of the number you are trying to look up. I want to cancel my subscription.
  • 816-738-4205
    She is great if you don’t mind false allegations of rose, abuse drugs and child molestatuon. Prepare to lose it all defending yourself against this piece of human garbage I. Court and lose lose it all because you so t heed this warning.
  • 650-346-4044
    David A Paulus is a married man who likes to pretend he is unmarried. David is a rapist and works for Net APP.
  • 800-645-9242
    Saying pch his name was Anthony james jr on Facebook presented his self as pch with check form yall off bank of America 75,000.00dalers
  • 800-800-0070
    I work at night and sleep during the day. Due to work-related reason, I cannot turn my phone off. Their calls keep waking me up, which is, obviously very frustrating. After each call, I block that number, but they keep changing them. Is there any way I can get rid of them?
  • 239-867-1476
    This number sent: Even though we are not talking anymore I still wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I responded: Happy Thanksgiving. I'm not sure who this is Number responded: It doesn't matter who I am. I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving.
  • 701-580-5855
    This number called me and said I had just called them. But little did they know I hadnt used my phone for close to an hr. Spammer, scam, spoofer or all in one?
  • 559-429-9180
  • 435-881-5733
    I got an email querying if my motorhome was for sale, they left this phone number and an email address that didn't work
  • 865-789-6529
    I recieved a call from this number and answered thinking it was a family member that lives in another area...upon answering the recording starts and continues to repeat over and over until you disconnect. I have blocked this and similiar numbers numerous times and they continue to call using a block of numbers. I am on the DO NOT CALL list and it doesnt help...enough already
  • 919-417-6484
    Please discontinue this account. I have the telephone number and you could not give me any information.
  • 561-692-4968
    Guy calls me thinking I'm another company for starters I told him he needed to do his homework better before calling Initially I was reluctant to answer the call as the exchange was Belle Glade FL a very economically distressed area that I want nothing to do with so thats a mistake on these scammers behalf but anyways I figured I would have fun with him and waste his time as he's talking to me about reviews for my business , how to get more etc As usual I know more about the subject than he does and was able articulate what his pitch should have been More BS from an industry that is leading the way with robo and scam calls Thinking the number was hijacked as well Have followed up on a few of these and people have no clue
  • 910-257-6267
    Just a call....did not leave a message. Called at 9:05am. Because there was no message, I am assuming it is a bill collector for a credit card company:)
  • 708-269-3783
    I keep getting calls from this (708) 269 XXXX. It is a robocall talking about several different things. One is to lower your credit card rate. Another wants you to buy a new warranty for your car. The list goes on. It is spam.
  • 215-840-5381
    Called to check the services on my computer and said they would be sending me $200 due to ATT having a problem with their services.
  • 650-251-9520
    said they’re the state police. that i’m involved in a drug investigation. he knew my name and address but wants “more information” about me. i told him if he wants to continue to scam me come bring me in to the station and he just hung up. :)
  • 770-875-4433
  • 510-345-5925
    They are calling to get customer feedback from a carpet cleaning company I used in August. So basically, my was given to this company by the people I entrusted with my information. Not cool.
  • 408-859-5144
    I receive a phone call from this number and variations of it about five time a day at least five days a week. The area code and prefix I believe are intentional as they mirror many local cell lines that I am familiar with. If I answer it is either the recorded Chinese telemarketers or there is no one there and a series of hello's will only cause the line to finally be picked up by a telemarketer or it will simply disconnect. So ANNOYING!!!
  • 360-763-2413
    Pretty lame to claim you have a "report" on a phone number but not disclose that the name, address, and carrier are NOT ON FILE. So, the "report" is worthless, yet you charge a buck for it. I won't bite on that one again.
  • 702-241-5591
    Said, “Hello who is this and this is the...” next text, “The devil!” next text, “Oh no that was the devil but here are the angels. You are in serious danger”
  • 877-641-2127
    This is a spam call threatening legal action if you don't call the Social Security Administration.
  • 608-654-8588
    Health insurance provider competitor, will not stop soliciting even after request. Harrassing. Intimidating phone calls. Soliciting health insurance.
  • 800-901-0208
    Received call from this number today. Called back and the person who answered stated that they did not speak English.
  • 510-921-6638
    Text sent pretending to be an acquaintance from a different number. Had me meet up and when I got there it was a different person. Really suspicious and seemed the intent was to harm.
  • 480-233-1463
    I got a call from someone with this number but I didn't answer. Then whoever it was texted me and said "Who is this?" I just said "No one you know". I think this person may have tried calling me before and I asked him or her to stop. I will file a complaint against that person if he or she doesn't stop harassing me. I did block the number but I still might report it.
  • 360-474-4533
    This number is calling, saying they with the IRS and that they have my filling records and that notification expires in 24 hours, to avoid an arrest to contact them if not they wish good luck to me
  • 907-529-6529
    This number is used to try and trick people into disclosing their bank and credit card information. This is one of several numbers out of the Anchorage area they use to scam you.